Ham Shack

View of the shack Jan. 2018

The shack has evolved a bit since I first set it up with with this shelf arrangement. The Yaesu 3000 sits in the prime operating spot for my needs. Out of the picture on the right is an Icom speaker connected to the Yaesu 3000. Below the 3000 is a power supply dedicated for its use. Above the 3000 is an MFJ-892 SWR/power meter also connected to the 3000.

All my radio USB connections come together underneath the monitor and are connected to a USB hub as needed. A while back I believe I was impacted to a minor degree by a lightning hit that took out the previous USB hub and ports on the computer. Fortunately nothing else seems to have been effected. So now I always unplug my radios from the computer/usb hub when I am done using them.

The Kenwood D710 stays connected most of the time as it is still running as an APRS I-Gate. I unplug it when inclement weather is in the area of course.

Over on the left side we have some of my older radios. We also have the (now) backup Icom IC-718 and the still new-to-me Yaesu FT-857d. The laptop in the lower left corner is going to be for use in the field with the IC-718 or FT-857d, once I figure out an antenna solution that is.